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Effects of Coal Seam Fires and other Environmental Hazards on Children in Hwange

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CNRG Environmental Impact Assessment for Hwange.

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Mining Sector Exempted from  the COVID -19 Lockdown - Motivations and Triggers

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A Critical Analysis of the Delisting of ZMDC from the EU Sanctions List

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Formalising Artisanal and Small Scale Diamond Mining In Zimbabwe

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Dinde Community Chinese Investor Conflict (CNRG)

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From Blood Diamonds to Blood Gold


Climate Change Introduction: Historical and Scientific Background

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BRICS in Zimbabwe:

Whats in it for us

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His only crime is being poor and unemployed in mineral rich Zimbabwe

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Guns, Power and Politics

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Key Highlights - Mining Sector Exemptions From The COVID-19 Lockdown


Raising Climate Change Awareness in Communities  Through the Church - Bishop Trevor Manhanga

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Diamonds Beneficiation:

ACase for Zimbabwe's Diamonds

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Illicit Financial Flows in Zimbabwe's Artisanal Mining Sector Case of Penhalonga

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Why Climate Change Matters - Farai Mugawu Presentation

The Woman in Marange and the Woman in New York

National Statutes


Minerals Marketing Corporations of Zimbabwe Act  2104 updated

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Mines and Minerals Act Cap 21-05 updated to 1 August 2021

Nat. Statutes
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Internat. Statutes
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