MORTGAGING THE FUTURE IN RETURN FOR POWER – Zimbabwe’s Natural Resources and the 2018 Election

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In terms of its 2013 Constitution, Zimbabwe holds local government, parliamentary and presidential elections every five years. These elections are held at the same time hence they are referred to as “harmonised elections,” a term used to describe their simultaneous nature. Holding of these elections demands a lot of funds from the central government for the coordination of electoral activities which is done by the electoral management body, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC). The harmonised elections budget for ZEC is often estimated in the region of US$200m-300m.

The financial pressure of elections is not only on ZEC but is also felt by the participating political parties as institutions, and individual candidates because of the First-Past-the- Post (FPTP) electoral system that is used in the country. While ZEC gets most of its funding from international development partners, political parties have to source their own funding to supplement what they get from the treasury.
Find here a research report exploring the linkages between Natural Resources and financing of electoral activities in Zimbabwe. 

MORTGAGING THE FUTURE IN RETURN FOR POWER: Zimbabwe’s Natural Resources and the 2018 Election

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