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Due: 15 May 2020


Centre for Natural Resource Governance (CNRG) is a Zimbabwean civil society organisation that was established in 2012 to defend, protect and support communities affected by extractive industries. To achieve this, CNRG employs research to explore and gather evidence; community empowerment to build a front line of civil society movements; and community-driven advocacy and campaigns that voice environmental injustice. The organisation was formed against a backdrop of a resource curse in Zimbabwe, where poor development outcomes are continuously recorded amidst extensive natural resource endowments and extraction in Zimbabwe. These poor development outcomes include poverty, corruption, low economic growth and muzzled democratic space.

CNRG thus seeks the services of a litigation expert to defend the economic, cultural, social and environmental rights of communities affected by extractive industries. The litigator will manage all phases of the litigation from the identification, investigations stage, gathering of evidence, drafting of pleas up to the trial stage in court. Where possible, the litigator will also advise on the issues of having out of court settlements on legal disputes.

Qualifications, skills and competences

  • Ability to provide rapid and emergency legal support to communities and individuals affected by extractive industries
  • The incumbent should be a registered legal practitioner, with deep understanding of the Zimbabwean social, cultural, economic and political context
  • Should have knowledge of constitutional law, and experience in public interest litigation and human rights
  • Should have excellent analytical, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Should be able to work independently and as part of a team

Interested candidates can get more information about the scope of work and how to apply on

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