In the global south, specifically in Africa, the extractives industry thrives on exploiting natural resources that are owned by rural communities. Such communities are inevitably displaced from their lands to pave way to extractives operations.  The displacement of families from their tribal lands is characterized by massive violations of human rights. Even communities proximal to extractive industries are exposed to the vagaries of pollution and human insecurity. As CNRG, we defend the rights of communities affected by the destructive character of extractive industries. We do this through human rights research, investigations, documentation and voicing; pressuring the state and corporates involved to respond to human rights concerns of the affected communities. 

Water Rights 

When mining companies and artisanal miners invade communities, they grab sources of water which include borehole, dams and streams. Water bodies are polluted by chemicals used in processing minerals. Sometimes communities are displaced and dumped in places where there is no water. Through capacity building, research litigation, we defend the communities’ right to access to clean water. 

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