Wildlife Conservation

Extractive industries destroy the wellbeing and habitat for wildlife, destabilising natural ecosystems and resulting in biodiversity loss. Extractive industries are one of the main drivers of animal extinction. The extractive industries have a key role to play in protecting wildlife and reducing biodiversity loss. Currently in Zimbabwe animals such as pangolins, rhinos and pythons are under threat to poaching and habitat destruction. We protect and defend wildlife populations and their ecosystems. Through research, advocacy and capacity building and promotion of traditional and modern conservation methods, we work with communities to conserve wild species, their habitats, and maintain the integrity of the ecosystems.

Forest Conservation

Natural resources like forests and land are under threat from commercial interests. Timber-logging companies have caused great scale deforestation while driving other tree species to extinction. We raise the awareness of hosting communities on the effects of commercialisation of forests through research and capacity building of local communities to monitor and protect indigenous forest. We also promote preservation of traditional conservation methods as well as reforestation.

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