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CNRG defends the rights of communities affected by extractive industries whilst acknowledging the role of minerals in driving the world economy. Based in our experiences in Zimbabwe, we have come face to face with the deleterious effects of mining on defenseless communities. The violence, land dispossessions, water grabbing and pollution and cultural violations are rising at an alarming scale.

We therefore collaborate with ethical jewelers that are committed to responsible sourcing and defending the rights of mining communities. One such jewelry organization is Brilliant Earth is a global leader in ethically sourced fine jewelry and endeavors to promote a fair, environmentally friendly and accountable jewelry industry. Brilliant Earth goes beyond the narrow definition of conflict diamonds by the Kimberly Process and instead shun diamonds tainted by violence and injustice, even those certified by the KP as ‘conflict free’. CNRG is calling on more and more jewelers to practice responsible sourcing by monitoring human rights in supply chains.


Together with international human rights organizations such as Human rights Watch, Amnesty International, Global Witness and Impact, CNRG is leading the call for jewelers to source responsibly – paying full attention to human rights and environmental concerns of mining communities.

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