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The Centre for Natural Resource Governance (CNRG) is a Zimbabwean civil society organization that was established in 2012 with a mandate to watchdog natural resources extraction, governance and management issues affecting the country. The organization was formed against a backdrop of resource curse in Zimbabwe, where poor development outcomes are continuously recorded amongst extensive natural resource endowments in Zimbabwe. These poor development outcomes include poverty, low economic growth and less democracy.

As CNRG we defend the rights of communities affected by extractive industries. We have seen how extractive industries expose rural communities to an avalanche of rights violations which include land and water grabbing, water and air pollution and direct violence by a combined force of state and corporate power

Power responds to power. We believe the power of united, informed, organized and active communities will always prevail over injustices, state and corporate power. Using research, capacity building and advocacy as tools, we strengthen the power of communities to challenge destructive mining and extractive activities and hold governments and corporations accountable.



“Justice and dignity for communities affected by extractive industries”


“To defend, protect and support communities affected by extractive industries through research, community empowerment and community-driven advocacy.”



CNRG does not discriminate its project beneficiaries according to race, gender, political affiliation and any other background. The same applies to its recruitment practice.

Accountability and Transparency

CNRG works in a way that is open, to its staff and all stakeholders, in all its programmatic activities.


As much as possible, CNRG involves all relevant stakeholders in its programme/project activities.


CNRG conduct its business in a professional manner always, with integrity.

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